Golf Technologies Hammer X Drivers user reviews out of 5 - 30 reviews

X Factor Hammer Driver Review


If Chuck Norris played golf he would use this driver. It went further than my old driver so I decided to keep it. If you struggle with your driver it may be worth a shot. Jack hamm and Chuck Norris had a driver contest that ended in a draw. Just did some Jack Hamm research, aka, hammsearch.

Golf Technologies Hammer X Drivers user reviews out of 5 - 30 reviews

He ended up letting all four of us tee one up with it. So I decided to try this thing. Jack Hamm and his company gave me a great experience. No phone, and no way to get in contact.

They say that the see through head allows it to cut through the air and add more power to your swing without you having to swing harder. There should be a class action lawsuit against Jackass Hamm! But my wise ass son Alex, criticized me for buying it.

Does the Hammer X Driver Really Work

For a guy whoes hwad speed is mph, the results might be different. No golf equipment can help these people! Barnum strikes again, Yes my dear there is a sucker born every minute! Not fair to compare tech to this old tech. Overview Driving the ball long and straight definitely gives you the advantage, allowing you to reach the green in fewer shots and have leave it up to your putting.

Secondly, sound driver for pentium 4 motherboard the Hammer would have tge trampoline effect of a concrete floor. That is not the same hammer I have. The Hammer X Driver put to the test. Hammer head is too heavy is what I understand. If only the Hammer had vertical grooves.

Has Hank Haney or Michael Breed called to contest your results? Just wondering, why do you choose the Bridgestone balls for your testing? Nothing big just a question Thank you Reply.

X factor hammer driver review

Claims thats where all your power is. When I used it as it was intended! They sent me a tracking number and sent me a free ebook for my concerns. When I tee it the same height s my taylormade it went no where. It arrived the next day as an impatient golfer i jumped the gun on assuming it was taking too long.

It does hit it nice and high and I can hit it off the deck albeit never fun off the spring mud. Still waiting for the order.


He was busy retrieving his balatas from the other side of that mountain range. So, of course we did everything in our power to track this guy down. They have what they are comfy with. Perfect potato salad charlie takes practice. If that had been Donald Trump in those adds nobody would be the least bit surprised, or think it out of place or character.

See How Well the Hammer X Driver Really Adds Distance to Your Swing

Yes he was long off the tee. All their phone numbers and email addresses have gone bad! Of course the inverted club face helps too. Does the Ove Glove Really Work? The few times they answered we were told the Hybrid was back-ordered, we were tops on the list, they had shipped.

Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. But learning how to drive the ball requires a lot of practice and dedication. Pay it back, or lock him up! Well, the next day I called to cancel my order, no should luck. Years ago he got into it with Bob Toski at the golf show.

Hamm is in seclusion because he is a conman! All I want is my money back and return the damn thing. In fact, it contradicts them. So best thing you can do is try it for yourself!


The see through head adds drag and turbulence and looks like a cheap and nasty putter. We have asked for our money back, but, of course, no reply.