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On Rheem heat pump water heaters the serial number is located on a label on the upper left side of the unit. Tank started leaking so I called Rheem for warranty on the tank. The Rheem Energy Star water heaters we carry offer superior efficiency than standard units and should save you money on your energy bills annually. The hybrid uses heat pump technology to operate with less energy than a traditional electric water heater. If I had to buy another hot water heater in the future I would try to buy from this same brand name, no other one.

  1. When I checked it said that the check had been mailed out.
  2. The prompt for this review was this morning when the hot water stopped mid-shower.
  3. Gave them all of the info.
  4. Also, if you lose electricity during a power outage, the unit will not be able to heat your water.
  5. In addition to their other products, Rheem specializes in central air conditioners for homes and businesses.

With that said, that hot water heater has been leaking since day one. There are also several options in electric water heaters, from small to large tanks for both immediate and long-term use. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Anode rods work by preventing corrosion and cracks to the glass lining in your hot water tank by attracting harmful minerals in the water. Bought a Rheem Marathon gallon water heater with the polyurethane tank.

How do I tell the age of a Rheem water heater from the serial number

How old is my water heater

They don't expect most people to live in one place long enough to have problems, what is so the store or supplier have the models which seem like a good bargain. Was suppose to last forever. The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. The Point-of-Use electric series provides a six year warranty on both the tank and parts. They are cheaply made and very profitable to the dealers and they love them.

Rheem year warranty water heaters are the top-of-the-line units sold for residential applications. There were two frustrating aspects to this replacement. She also said she had to defend Leah's behavior because she such a good and loyal employee and Leah was the only person who could possibly handle my claim.

Department of Energy reports that water heating is the second largest energy user in your home, coming only after heating and cooling. The unit was on a maintenance program. The rep I dealt with was borderline snotty and seemed indifferent to the situation. It has been running fine, but is most likely due soon. This guy supervisor send me a list with technicians who work in the area where I live.

Rheem Water Heaters

Find out what products qualify for credit, what your limit is and how long you have to take advantage of the tax credits. It never gives me any problems. When it works, we very much enjoy the unit as it operates quietly and puts out good air flow. Exploiting the fact that heat rises, dating rules playing most of these machines consist of a large water-filled drum that has a heating mechanism attached.

Both are under warranty for parts. All models of the Performance Plus have a self-powered diagnostic control system with troubleshooting codes. We learned it was a leak in the coil. Mind you, i know nothing about water heaters besides the fact they make my shower hot in the morning. Mold began to form around ductwork and near air conditioning outlets inside the house.


This prevents harmful mineral deposits from forming and cracking the glass lining of the storage tank. Rheem Water Heaters expert review by ConsumerAffairs Rheem offers a wide variety of residential water heaters including gas, electric, hybrid heat pump, point-of-use, solar and tankless. So, I don't hear anything further on Thursday, and I don't hear anything on Friday. By Monday night we had not seen anything arrive so we called Home Depot to complain.

An electric heat pump, instead of generating the heat directly, will move the heat from one place to another to heat your water. Rheem offers a gallon model with a temperature monitor to cut off the power if the water temperature gets too high. When the blower doesn't start a second alarm is thrown for the main limit switch. It is leaking profusely from the bottom, damaging a wall and custom wood cabinetry in my kitchen.

We purchased a home in that was fully rehabbed before its resale. This new heater was a great price. The gas products come with a variety of options and in various sizes.

Not covered and nothing they could do. We have had difficulty contacting Rheem, they have no contact phone numbers and simply do not care. Not from misuse and not from damage. They will not fix the damage caused or repair the system or take responsibility for their own mistakes. Well it doesn't state that.

If I could give them zero stars, I would. Even though their product is at fault they want the consumer to pay to fix the problems they caused by selling a bad product. This just boggled my mind!

Serial Number Date Code Reference ( 100)

Thank you for the added information, Nick. Notification could have prevent this fire at our house. It performs adequately as I always have enough hot water throughout the day. Keep an eye on your inbox, creating a the lastest consumer news is on it's way!

It caused smoke damage and carpet damage to our home. Leave this line out of the equation. It did not work when installed. But once power is restored, the unit will automatically start working again. The unit in the garage overflowed and began to leak into the garage causing water damage.

Recall Details

Rheem Performance Plus Water Heater

  • Even though there are more modern types of water heaters on the market, the most popular kind you will find in the U.
  • Since it was still under warranty.
  • They said that they would send me a thermostat by mail and it should arrive the next day.
  • The banging started again.

When it arrived the installation instructions were very simple and assembly was straightforward and within an afternoon I had it all setup and ready to go. The warranty document states the Warranty is to the Purchaser- in different places it states this. We needed a replacement and fast!

How to Determine the Age of a Water Heater

LeMarr has provided his file of keys to decode Water Heater Age from the data provided on the manufacturer's equipment labels. The technician left before it was filled. Never had a problem or leak. The part is under warranty but is on backorder and has to be manufactured. The heat exchanger on the Prestige tankless model is guaranteed for twelve years.

The tech said that the control unit in the motor senses hesitation in the motor and throws the alarm. Finally found a repairman. Leaking gas whenever we have other appliances such as the heater that uses gas on at the same time. Our home is still being repaired. Which is not cover under the warranty.

It seems to fill up much faster than our old, way outdated gas tank water heater. There were some challenges with replacing my tank and Dan confidently suggested my options. If I had a choice between a cheap Chinese knockoff and their product I would take the knockoff because at least then there is no semblance that they care.

Serial Number Date Code Reference ( )

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