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Reporting Aggressive Drivers In Nj

He decides to get over and leaves me with this douche. Helpful tips include staying focused on your driving at all times and budgeting yourself some extra time when you set out in order to avoid rushing and stress. In New Jersey, and across the nation, distracted driving has exploded as a top cause of crashes. What Happens to the Distracted Driver?

New Jersey State Police

The letter will inform the vehicle owner they were reported. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? With that money, police departments, including the State Police, will be deploying plain-clothes officers to watch for cell phone users at intersections and interchanges along New Jersey roadways. Distracted driving injuries are preventable. Find out what's happening in Parsippany with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Only report what you see when it is safe to do so. How to not get paralyzed from a car accident?

Answer Questions Can another vehicle with handicap tags park in my residential handicap parking zone in front of my house? Free Distracted Driver Injury Consultation A distracted driver has wrecked your car, left you injured, and missing time from work. Now, am I gonna randomly get pulled over and ticketed? What happens when you get reported for aggressive driving?

How to Report Aggressive Drivers in New Jersey

If the license plate of the alleged dangerous driver is gathered, a letter detailing the time and place of the observed offense is sent to the vehicle owner's home. By all means, if another motorist does something that upsets you, do not escalate the situation!

What happens if you get reported for aggressive driving in NJ

You likely have questions. The calls are then forwarded to the local police agency with jurisdiction, which in certain circumstances can respond to the call and, if the behavior is witnessed, issue a summons.

It is clear that the job of reducing aggressive driving in New Jersey rests with all of us. What ever happened with your aggressive driving incident if anything? The Division of Highway Traffic Safety is urging drivers to either pull over in order to make the call, use a hands-free device or have a passenger in the vehicle make the call. Warning letters were mailed to drivers over the past two months as part of New Jersey's campaign aimed at curbing distracted and dangerous driving, samsung hm160hi ata driver for windows 7 according to state officials. Drivers should pull off the road where safe and call to report.

Aggressive Driver Quiz - Are you an aggressive driver? He told me that he had reported me to the popo for aggressive driving. The Division of Highway Traffic Safety is committed through its educational and enforcement programs to reduce the threat that aggressive drivers pose.

Tension among motorists is particularly high in New Jersey, which is the most densely populated state in the country. Teens were the largest age group reported as distracted at the time of fatal crashes. If a vehicle is reported as having a distracted driver, police will attempt to find the driver. Also, note the license plate of the vehicle.

Reporting aggressive drivers in nj

The person driving next to you can now report your dangerous or distracted driving to authorities in an expanded program. Those making a report must either pull over in order to make the call, use a hands-free device or have a passenger in the vehicle make the call. When distracted driving is the cause, we work hard to prove the negligence that led to your injury.

You want to know your options. He pulls over to get me in front of him, takes a picture of my plates at a red light then follows me to a WaWa all purpose quick stop store for my out of area readers. So far, the efforts may be working. So in that area or any close to that area, drive with caution. Excessive speed is the most common aggressive driving habit associated with traffic crashes.

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In addition, the New Jersey State Police has sent letters, when possible, to those reported. Division of Highway Traffic Safety officials have said the increase is in part because of distracted driving, such as cell phone use behind the wheel. Back to the Parsippany Patch.

Hell yeah I would have been the guy in front of me but I didn't tailgate this dick head. Those are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, parents and grandparents. The warning does not disclose information about the caller. It's not just the cops that are watching your driving in New Jersey.

If the police do not locate the driver, a letter is sent. You will be much better off, and safer. We have an obligation to those who suffered losses to combat distracted driving with every means we have. This does not mean that those who spot distracted drivers should text while driving themselves.

State of New Jersey

Should there be an intelligence test and a mental evaluation along with the regular tests to get a drivers license? Porrino and the Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The social media links provided are for reference only. If a police officer in the area is able to catch the distracted driver, they will face a fine. This system should not be used to report emergencies.

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