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Lovneet, But now no matter how carefully i assemble it back the touchpad and wifi antenna are not working. The product information label contains your serial number and product number. Can I just pull them ayaw from the motherboard or do I have to something first before I pull them away?

Some people reported that they successfully sucked out the dust with a home vacuum. Thankfully much more help available then when I pulled the motherboard just last summer. Test it with a multimeter. Now neither motherboard will cause the led lights to blink.

The plastic white connector that is used to connect the webcam to the motherboard is called a molex connector. All soldering points look even, as the jack sits flat aginst the board and no spaces are identified in the soldering. This was really good and helped me a lot. Maybe memory not connected properly.

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Provides the capability to add, manipulate and transfer objects files accounts and folders in an object store file system of another system. This really saved me some time compared to the traditional type. This provides a simple wireless alternative to a cable connection between a device and a printer.

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You can find a new replacement drive on eBay. Is the jack soldered in my model? At start up the light is blue for a second then changes to orange when I press the wirless button it stays at orange but says that wlan is off or wlan is disabled. Insert the power cable into the connector the way it was before. You said the jack worked fine for a month and I assume you soldered it properly.

The temperature drop would give an indication of the efficiency of the colling system. They were the best I have seen in many years as a computer engineer. Hello Does anyone know what voltage I should be getting on the two orange wires?

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After that the cooling fan will be exposed and you can clean it with compressed air. Do i Need to reset any bios setting or anything? But now no matter how carefully i assemble it back the touchpad and wifi antenna are not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone could email me with an idea it would be great Ian ymail. Because if it is mine seems to have a gap on the silver part in that window. Can anyone tell me the order?

This makes this profile less useful for embedded devices such as digital cameras and palmtops, as updating drivers can be problematic. Unfortunately it does not set a standard regarding the actual communications to the printer, so drivers are required specific to the printer model or range. Windows troubling shooting says the device is not enabled or drivers are not loaded properly. Then, I use the solder iron to pierce the hole and removing the solder and cleaning it.

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One of the modules could be bad. Do you know about Dell battery recall program? What kind of screwdriver do you need?

What do you think the problem of my laptop? Before you disassemble the laptop try cleaning the cooling module with compressed air. My problem occurred after reassembling the laptop. And the laptop works fine. You are going to disassemble the laptop, asus k501 drivers camera right?

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