The Best Distance Driver for Disc Golf

Disc Golf Distance Driver

Distance Driver

High control, but with good Glide for extra distance potential. Custom Disc Stamping Tiered pricing available. Expect consistent and accurate flights from this disc. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, Champion Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage.

Disc Golf Drivers

Distance drivers come in a wide variety of colors. Pros and Ams alike have been breaking their personal distance records with Blizzard Champion, not to mention the World Distance Record. The Fuzion Sheriff is my favorite driver. Notify me of new posts by email. This is the most common professional approach, minimizing bag complexity and developing true mastery of one primary mold.

We will also try to avoid nominating similar discs from the same brand. About The Author admin More from this Author.

Distance Driver

Disc golf distance driver

For example, you may want to get the disc past some trees before the wind can get hold of it and change its trajectory. While they are two different discs that can be used differently, that difference is slight enough to not merit nominating them each individually. Models under grams are light enough to float in water!

Putters are similar to the discs used in simple games of catch, such as the Wham-O brand Frisbee, but are much smaller in diameter as golf discs traditionally are. Superior distance requiring only moderately high velocity. It is our most popular upwind distance driver. What color is the distance driver?

It has an impressive performance as well that nearly all disc golfers can incorporate into their game. This guide will take a closer look at disc golf distance drivers and offer you some tips on choosing the right distance driver.

It is safe to say you will not find another line of discs out there with the same feel, flexibility, and catchability. There may also be a texture or bead on the disc to improve your grip. Check The Latest Price on Amazon. Distance drivers have excellent speed, which can be useful in certain weather conditions.

For sunny play, you can opt for a disc with more durability. Great disc choice for sidearm or backhand throwers. Midrange discs are slower, motherboard drivers via vt8233a more controllable and have a more stable flight path than drivers. These discs also retain their original flight characteristics for an extended period of time and look great doing it.

Absolutely, but we will do our best to be fair and impartial judges. Grip is off the charts and durability falls somewhere between Pro and Star. Tournament Sponsorship Custom stamped discs below wholesale price.

It has the finesse you need when the course throws you curves. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Suitable for powerful throwers, but still manageable by beginners in lighter weights.

Discraft DiscsBest Distance Driver of 2018

Best Distance Driver of 2018

The 6 Best Ultra-Distance Drivers

Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. Each plastic has a different feel, level of reliability, and level of durability. Superior tack Exceptional Grip Economical.

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Tell us your question or what you need assistance with and one of our experts will contact you to discuss. It disrupted the market with a similar flight in the now popular Swedish plastic blends, and now the Trespass has become a household disc golf name. You may also like Innova Disc Golf Guide.