The s Fender gig bag, an alternative to the more expensive rectangle hard shell tweed case. You will notice that there is quite a bit of overlap of numbers and years. Starting in mid, Fender sprayed the yellow part of the sunburst. This material has an off-white opaque color.

This case was primarily available for the Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars. Jazzmasters and Jaquars also used other colors like red and blue. Serial numbers are also helpful in determining the year of production of a given instrument. You will notice that there is quite a bit of overlap of both numbers and years. The eight digit code is similar to the previous system.

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We're always looking to get feedback on our dating details so if you have pictures or adjustments, please give us a shout. These books are the same resources we refer to here at Fender, when trying to research answers to these same history and dating questions. While this neck dating is useful in roughly determining the age of a guitar, it is certainly not definitive. Click here to see a comparison of vintage versus reissue Kluson tuners. Click here to see the difference between vintage and repro Fender truss rod nuts.

Plastic white three layer pickguard replaces celluloid. Notice the small metal shielding plate around the pots, and the white single layer pickguard. Indeed, we use these same books here at Fender when researching historical and date-related issues. All other sizes were available by special order only.

One explanation is the use of leftover necks. How can I find out when my Japanese-made instrument was manufactured? The other two have solder over the numbers. From country, to rock and roll, to surf music, Fender found a niche with its instruments.

Dating Late s Fender Stratocasters

This material consisted of a fiberous bakelite, and was about. In either case, free dating in worcestershire all original Tele switch tips have some stampings on their bottom side. The fiberous material was added to the bakelite to add strength bakelite is too brittle and would crack at that thickness without it.

This means two things for the owner of a to Fender. The center wheel is still brown bakelite. Also inside a Fender Jazzmaster.

Vintage Guitars Info - Fender Information from this site used with permission. The body routes on a Stratocaster. Inside a to Fender Stratocaster video. One of the additional screws required a change to the interior body route on the Stratocaster.

Also the interior was not a short dark orange plush, but was now a long, light colored orange shag. To summarize, if the Fender instrument is later than mid, and was originally not blond in color, sites the body wood should be Alder! Tweed covered Fender amps are very collectable. This left a visible paint stick shadow inside the neck pocket. Starting in sometimes yellow is used instead of white.

The Player Series

Dating Fender Guitars

This allowed Fender to be less picky with their choice of Alder, because the sunburst is less transparent. There is a lot more info on Fender finishes here. Also shown is the difference between reissue and original slab board necks. The only way to definitively date the U. How can I find out when my Korean-made instrument was manufactured?

Fender american vintage stratocaster

This case was basically rectangle, but with very rounded corners. How can I find out how old my instrument is if it uses an odd or non-standard serial numbering scheme What can you tell me about the historical patent markings that appear on some of your products? Serial numbers are basically chronological, but there is some overlap amoung years. These serial numbers did not identify the country of origin in the body of the number.

When the assembly line needs a body, they grab one, and likewise for the neck. Fender neck shapes have changed through the years too. Old style Telecaster bridges.

The Large peghead style started in late on the Strat, and lasted throughout the s. Some might go by the pot codes, but those could have been stock a year or more old by the time they were put into the newly finished guitar. Also still no side worm shaft hole for the tuner shaft. The neck and body may not have been made in the same month, or maybe even the same year!

The case had a bulb shape at the peghead. It has nothing to do with the date as I've seen the exact same code of pots ranging from - strats. Also a thin aluminum shield the size of the pickguard is installed underneath the pickguard. From the beginning, Fender would hammer nails into the face of the guitar body before painting, under the pickguard areas. The Esquire was re-introduced in early as a single pickup version of the Broadcaster.

Tremolo Arms
  • General specifications, serial numbers, Fender vintage guitar cases.
  • The short scale length of the Jaquar was one of its major flaws.
  • Esquires, Broadcasters, Telecasters to number on bridgeplate.
  • Fender used this technique into the s.

Besides pot codes, what numbers are on the pickups? Only the seven-digit suffixes were actually entered into the database. Usually they are seen in the rear tremolo cavity if the Strat is a tremolo model! The interior material of these cases generally will match the descriptions below, but the exteriors will not. In very late all models changed to pearl dot position markers.

American Vintage series serial numbers

However, the interpretation of the two date code systems appears to be relatively straight forward and the conclusions were confirmed by pickup dates and pot dates in most cases. The following charts detail the most common Fender serial number schemes used from to the present. By they became rounded again. Assembler reached in and grabbed one or many. The black leather ends I think are a synthetic leather with white piping, and the handles are plastic.

The nails were still used, private dating restaurant in but now only for the drying process and were no longer needed during painting. The following are scans of most Fender decals used from to the late s. We highly recommend each of them.

  1. Notice that there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years.
  2. The interior burnt-orange plush used from stayed until about when the interior of the cases changed to a dark orange plush.
  3. How can I find out when my acoustic instrument was manufactured?
  4. Cases of this era will feature a Fender logo on the bottom left corner.
  5. If a post Stratocaster was ordered in blond, it too would be Ash.
  6. Bridge saddles are now cast with no stampings.
American Vintage

Newer and less attractive plastics were used for the pickguards. Indian rosewood replaced the beautifully figured Brazilian rosewood on the fingerboards. The body date right is in the middle pickup cavity on this guitar.

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These markets operate completely independent of the new-instrument market. Note the following number could be off as much as two years. Also by the rosewood changed from Brazilian to Indian rosewood. They weren't managing the numbers in any way. We buy and sell the best new and used guitars, basses, amplifiers and other instrument and gear.

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