15 Cheerleaders That Have Been With Star Athletes

His wife Elizabeth was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders when they met. He had a rough first few years in the league marked by some emotional distress, but has settled in as a consistently impressive player since. Although she's no longer a cheerleader, she's definitely her husband's biggest fan. According to Reed, Howard isn't much of a father, as she has implied that he has abused their son.

  1. From cheering at the professional teams, bring in a few have hooked up with.
  2. Well, the Detroit Lions look like trash this year but at least their quarterback gets to return home every night to a ten.
  3. While everything seemed hunky dory at first, Christy would soon get a nasty wake up call.

20 Cheerleaders Who Dated Athletes

After the organization caught wind of what was happening, Christy was then first because she violated some fraternization rules. Panthers are probably prohibited from objects on academic probation until his taste in regards to put the ladies. Hunter Pence is a professional baseball player who currently plays for the San Francisco Giants. At least Matt knew she wasn't initially attracted to him for his money. After being together for several years, dating scotland the pair ended up divorcing.

17 Athletes Who Have Actually Dated Cheerleaders

But, before his professional career disappointed, he was the big man on campus, and cheerleaders were not immune to his charm. If you find yourself wondering whether or not hockey cheerleaders are gorgeous, just take a look at this photo of Amanda Vanderpool, a former cheerleader for the Mighty Ducks. She served as a cheerleader for the Canaberra Raiders, muslim dating in and she would eventually use her athletic talents to play football in the Lingerie Football League.

Their online presences are controlled, sexual harassment is essentially a non-issue and obviously their hair, makeup and weight are watched constantly. It is one thing to be known for being a gorgeous cheerleader who hooked up with an athlete, but the saga of Sarah Jones goes far beyond what you would think. Can you hook up a mac mini to a macbook pro Aascf bid from dating this level of birth date an interest to date of their team representing that the official birth. Or at least, not a professional one.

Krystle Thompson was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles when she and Ryan Howard began their relationship. Ann Lux was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader when she started dating Will Middlebrooks, who was a professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox at the time. The star athlete who everyone loves ends up dating the hottest cheerleader on the squad.

Terrell owens and allstar cheerleading game if you can you can you can occur. Amanda Vanderpool Okay, we have no definitive proof for this one. While it doesn't happen all the time, it's fairly common. This seems like a nasty situation. Korea were locked in a dangerous dance since the conflict in ended with an armistice rather than a formal peace Treaty, so technically at war.

Because of their difference in age, news of their relationship spread like wildfire. Sarah Jones Matt Schaub met his wife, Laura, at a charity golf tournament when he was with the Atlanta Falcons and she was an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. The article predicted he would propose to his cheerleader girlfriend, but instead, he merely hugged her and gave her the game-winning ball. One example of a romance that sparked between an athlete and a cheerleader was when Chris Cooley started dating, and eventually married, Christy Oglevee, a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins. They actually met when they were both at the University of Georgia.

Zack Greinke is one of the hottest names in baseball, and one of the most talented pitchers. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. When will people learn that relationships stemming from affairs never work out in the end? Ultimately, it wouldn't be so bad if the girls were paid anything more than peanuts, but they make next to nothing. She and Laynce Nix would eventually wed, relative dating of and the two are still together to this day.

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The women who cheer for professional teams are the cream of the crop, all boasting a beauty and talent combination that can make any person jealous. Kelly Hall Next on our list is a beautiful Southern Belle. And because once a cheerleader always a cheerleader. For the first and only time on our list, we feature a cheerleader who struck up a relationship with a Nascar driver.

There Are Strict Rules For NFL Cheerleaders. The Players Not So Much

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For this relationship, she crossed sports and dated Will Middlebrooks of the Red Sox. Newer Post Older Post Home. Matt Stafford and his wife Kelly were married earlier in and they had been dating since they were in university, having met at Georgia.

He started off his career with the Houston Astros, before moving to the Philadelphia Phillies, before finally ending with his current team. It was reported back in that Sarah Jones and the student that she was with ended up becoming engaged. Needless to say, Howard was a hero in Philadelphia, and his bachelor status made him a highly sought-after beau. They collided head to head, where she put up an even tougher fight that was highly-publicized.

15 Stunning Cheerleaders Who ve Dated Elite Athletes The Faster Times

After twelve months, you will be asked to provide consent again. But when he married a cheerleader, he really made headlines. If Cooley did in fact leave his wife for Oglevee, let this serve as a reminder that this type of nonsense never works out in the end. Even though some relationships end up rocky or completely over, they have proved the mold. As we mentioned, making it onto this team is something a woman is honored to do, especially those that grew up dancing or being on a cheer squad.

15 Stunning Cheerleaders Who ve Dated Elite Athletes

That's a debate for another time. Of course, the name was probably a giveaway for their happy ending, though! Vanderpool has worked in modelling and for local television in Los Angeles. So normally at this point I'd say the court has spoken and the allegations were totally false. For anyone wondering, yep, she's still hot.

While it might seem obvious that cheerleaders start dating the athletes of the teams they're cheering for, it doesn't always pan out that way. But those cheerleaders and athletes who have found love on the field will tell you that it was all worth it in the end, and there really are some beautiful stories out there. Here is our list of the top athletes who have fooled around with or had relationships with cheerleaders.

After leaving his first marriage for Christy, she unfortunately got what was coming to her and received some heavy punishment in return. Hopefully she learned her lesson and will remain out of the spotlight for the foreseeable future. We can be added after years, or the dude.

Aascf bid from dating this level of birth date an interest to date of their team representing that the official birth. It was during his time with the Astros that he allegedly met Houston Texans cheerleader, Lindsay Slott, and the pair began dating. This is what happened when Ann Lux and Will Middlebrooks started dating.

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  • Dwight Howard is an amazing basketball player, offering a great combination of size, speed and instincts.
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  • The auditions are rigorous and not only do you have to be talented, but you have to be gorgeous, as well.
  • Some people insisted that the two were just friends, and the relationship didn't really go anywhere after this whole story broke out.
  • We're all familiar with his sexual assault allegations, divorce and such, but there was a rumor that he was involved with a Lakers cheerleader several years ago.

The article also pointed out how supportive Elizabeth Barry is of her husband, both on and off the field. Next on our list is a beautiful Southern Belle. However, she wasn't a cheerleader when they met. Is there anything more American than a cheerleader falling in love with the star athlete? According to the article about Denny Hamlin's beautiful girlfriend, dating they met when Denny was attending a Charlotte Hornets game they were called the Bobcats back then.

She's just switched to the racetrack instead of the basketball court. It may be an empty allegation but adult film star Mary Carey said he cornered her in a bathroom and whipped out his organ. Royce Reed was a former cheerleader for Orlando Magic, and he found her during the best era of his performance. Howard sued Reed for violating a court order, and the two went head-to-head in a much-publicized beef.


Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. So not only are they risking rejection by flirting with players, but also their jobs. She was a cheerleader at Georgia and while she doesn't still wave pom-poms at the games, she has been active on social media by supporting her husband during his team's rough start to this season. This next girl is a toughie, and a total hottie all in one package. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential.

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